It’s the Why, not the What.

There is a growing trend in my age bracket. The pre-midlife crisis. Not like the 40-year old, buy a new mustang and pretend you are 20 again crisis, but more like the I’m an adult, I’m educated, I have experience, I’m talented and I have my whole life in front of me but have no idea what I want to do crisis, because the world is not at all what I thought it to be while in high school or college. Why is it that highly educated Gold_MedalAmerican twenty somethings are so miserable? (Besides student loans….we will go there in another post.) It’s because we have been told our whole lives that your identity is wrapped up in what you do from 9-5. Your job. Your Career. After all you WILL spend most of your time in life at this job and not with your family or friends right? So making sure is the absolutely the RIGHT thing is hugely important right? Well…not really.

Really Adrian? Really. I’ve beat my head against the wall trying to figure out what to do with my life. Sports? Coaching? Finance? Start a company? Management? Ministry? I am talented and gifted and educated in a lot of areas(and so are you) so I want to use my gifts. What if I miss out on something, what if, what if, what if!? Finally I paused one day and it dawned on me. It isn’t WHAT I do but WHY I do something. My heart’s intentions are what gives me purpose and makes me great at whatever I do. I wasn’t always the most talented athlete on the field, but what made me good was my absolute heart and passion to win. I could be the best brain surgeon in the world but if I did it to please my family and their expectations and not because I loved helping people heal from injuries and abnormalities, then I would be a miserable soul and probably not as good of a doctor as I could be.

What makes a great grocery cashier is not just someone who is quick and good at math, but someone who smiles at you and is happy to serve you while you are there. They hope you found everything you needed and are helpful if you didn’t. They aren’t concerned about what else they could be doing in that moment because they are focused on you. If someone showed that much attention to detail with me while checking me and my groceries out, I’d even be very gracious if they made a small mistake, because I know they are trying their best and are helping me for the right reasons.

So if you are in this stage in life I encourage you to try this. Don’t JUST look for the PERFECT opportunity. Look for an opportunity that allows you to do meet your why and that will lead you to a perfect opportunity. You are doing what you are doing now for a reason.

Find the good in where you are, take what you can from that and move it to an opportunity that allows you to exhibit your why daily.

So, What is  my WHY?

#1 to Glorify God.

I compete because God gave me the ability to push my limits mentally, physically, and athletically and I believe it glorifies him when I use my gifts.

I serve others because Christ served the church. He is my example.

I educate others because I’ve been fortunate to learn from great teachers and it is my duty to pass along the wisdom I have learned. And it should be yours too.


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