5 Things Moderately Succesful People Do Before 8am

I am incredibly goal oriented. I want to win and I refuse to quit or give up. I am a listmaker and I have goals for every morning. I am going to succeed….right after this 15 minute snooze button nap.

Really, I have been doing a lot of reading lately about how the most successful people in the world actually wake up at 3am and rescue puppies and run on the beach before work. I am really happy for them.images

In all seriousness, I know it takes a tremendous amount of discipline to be successful and that is what makes those people great. But in honor of marginally succesful people everywhere I have taken the liberty of creating a list of 5 things you can do every morning before 8am to achieve a mediocre amount of success. Observe:

1. Actually turn off the alarm clock.

If you get this done before 8am you win. Because that means you only hit the snooze button 4 times and still have time to get to work. Maybe.

2. Put on your pants, including underwear. Not backwards.

If your pants are on, they are facing the correct direction and you don’t feel a draft as you walk out the door. Good chance you are ready for the day.

3. Read your texts from last night.

Chances are you are like most people and your phone is attached to your body at this point. And like most Americans you fight sleep to read tweets and text friends. Unfortunately the later it gets, the weirder those tweets and messages become. Moderately successful people assess the damage before they walk out the door. Unless they snapchatted….then who knows.

4. Potentially brush your teeth.

No you may not have eaten and you might not get to this…..but sometimes moderately successful people brush their teeth before leaving the house. Otherwise they have a stick of gum on deck to disguise their secret visitor of the night, halitosis.

5. Find that one song on your iPod/iPhone that gets you juiced

Note that these things didn’t make the list: Shower, Deoderant, Breakfast, Yoga, Workouts, budgets, planning, quality time with family, and makeup.  But guess what? You are in the car. You are dressed. You have masked your bad breathe. You know whats going on on facebook. You are ready to take on the day my friends and this song right here? It is going to give you the courage to forget all your troubles and work kind of hard at your job all day and the motivation to read about CEO’s who do awesome things before 8am. Maybe one day.


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